At the Footys4All Foundation we appreciate how hard life is for everyone. Many people right around the world are doing it tough, some tougher than others.  Australia, in-fact the world is full of passionate, generous and visionary people who care about others.  The Footys4All Foundation is continually inspired by the generosity and engagement of our supporters. The children of the world feel worthwhile, energised and most importantly hopeful thanks to your simple gift of friendship and sporting opportunity.

The Footys4All Foundation is a registered Public Benevolent Institution with DGR status which means your donation is tax deductable. Make no mistake your donations DO make an Impact. They are not just a number on a credit card statement. They are a child's first netball, a young boy's prized rugby ball, a girl's match winning cricket ball, a teenager's sweet smelling leather football.  The list is endless of the impact that new balls has had on our lives and it is time that we ensured that everyone world wide gains this opportunity to engage in these memories to ensure the world becomes a happier place to be. A simple new ball can do this with your help!

Words cannot describe the joy on their faces when they feel their fluffy new tennis ball for the first time or sniff the leather of their new ball after it is removed from its packaging or swish their bright orange basketball time and time again. Your donation allows children to escape their hardships and troubles and to become a child again for a long as the ball is in play and we thank you for that act of compassion.

Our donations start from the  $2 dollar mark

  • Your  $2 donation will buy a new tennis ball.
  • Your $5 donation will buy a new baseball/hockey ball.
  • Your $10 donation will buy a new synthethic football(soccer ball), synthetic gridiron ball, basketball, AFL football,rugby ball, netball, volleyball or a leather cricket ball.
  • Your $25 donation will purchase a brand, new leather basketball, soccer ball, rugby or AFL football.
  • Your $100 donation will purchase enough new basketballs/netballs/volleyballs for one team.
  • Your $150 donation will ensure an electric compressor pump is given to a sporting club/school/organisation to ensure their balls are always inflated.
  • Your $200 donation will purchase enough new synthetic AFL footballs or rugby balls for a whole team.
  • Your $500 donation will purchase enough new Synthetic balls for all juniors at a club
  • Your $1,500 donation  will buy new sporting balls for the whole community of children in need.
  • Your $2,500 donation will buy a new sporting ball for every disadvantaged child at one  primary school
  • Your $5000 donation will buy new sporting balls for all those being supported by large health organisations.
  • Your $10,000 donation will allow children in several communities to have new balls.
  • Your $100,000 donation will allow us to go international and supply NGO organisations in places such as Africa and India with new balls.


Footy's For All Hand Logo

Our logo of the hand filled with balls from all codes signifies the hand of friendship and opportunity, which is a partnership that is formed by your donation to our recipients and we thank you for your generosity.