Our People


Michael Gallus

  • Founder/Director of The Footys4All Foundation.

Throughout my life experiences in coaching, teaching and fatherhood I have seen first hand the influence that sport has on its participants. The joy on the faces of the very young when they chase a rolling ball for the first time and the smile of contentment and achievement from a player after scoring his/her first goal are experiences that live for ever in the memory banks of all those involved forever. These experiences are not being replicated across the world by all which is why with the support of the people of the world, the Footys4All Foundation has been created. We aim to extend the Footys4All hand of opportunity and friendship via the distribution of new balls to all those children that are missing out to allow them to experience these feelings many of us take for granted.


Ryan Hadj

  • Footys4All Media Manager

Footys4All is a sensational cause that brings people from all ages, races, genders and socio economic backgrounds together through sport. Sport is such an important part of life, and F4All is providing people from throughout the world with an opportunity to be healthy.

I'm proud to be involved with F4All and I call for all the people of the world and businesses - large or small, to get behind this life changing cause.


Amanda Gallus

  • Director Footys4All

"Unless someone like you cares a whole lot, nothing is going to get better.  It's not."  Dr Seuss

My children have had balls in their hands from the time they were babies.  As they've grown they joined teams, made friends, followed rules, made decisions, developed leadership skills, been inspired, listened to others, cried and laughed - all around ball sports.  It's given them a purpose and a sense of belonging. They cherish their footballs and basketballs and have even slept with them!

My children are blessed.  Not every child has access to sporting balls and equipment.  A football, basketball, soccer ball, netball, tennis ball, softball, rugby ball or volleyball really can make a difference!  We want to give all children this opportunity and place as many balls as possible into their hands.