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Pride of Australia Medal for Footys4All Founder

27th March 2017

Michael Gallus, founder of Footys4All has been awarded a ‘Pride of Australia’ Medal in recognition of his outstanding work in the community.

The Pride of Australia Medal is a News Corp national program to celebrate and recognise the local heroes who do more, who give back and who work hard to improve the lives of others. In 2017 the work by Michael and Footys4All has been recognised.

Penny Fowler, Community Ambassador with News Corp Australia, wrote the following in the inaugural Pride of Australia magazine, distributed in News Corp publications around Australia, including the Herald Sun in Victoria.

“Every year at News Corp Australia we recognise the stories of incredible Australians with our Pride of Australia medals. Those whose courageous, humbling and inspirational acts make our country a better place to live.

…Our winners are had working, honest, caring, brave and resourceful. They are passionate about helping family, friend, neighbours and even strangers. They make you feel you’re not alone, they pick you up when you are down, they save lives.

These are Australians making a real difference in their communities often against all odds. 

Congratulations to all our winners….”

Michael was typically modest about the recognition and insisted the Pride of Australia Medal was for everyone involved in Footys4All and has since been taking the medal around Australia to ensure the volunteers were photographed with the medal.

“Sport speaks to youth in a language they understand. It can create hope where once there was only despair”, Michael said about the successful program.

Footys4All – more than sport

27th March 2017

The Footys4All focus is on the distribution of balls to children and while it helps promote sport, the ball is a vehicle which is far reaching for the individual and the community. That ball provides the child with an opportunity to build on their dreams, grow, nurture and develop.

We all appreciate the important role sport plays in our lives, helping children stay active and providing them with a sense of belonging. However, it is the related benefits that are easily overlooked.

The distribution of the balls through Footys4All has a very positive effect on the health of the children and the communities through the involvement in sport, keeping children active and involved. The focus on obesity in the community is a priority for everyone and the Footys4All program certainly helps in this area.

The program also supports education, keeping children involved in school and promoting the importance of learning and supporting each other. The Principal of Yarrabah State School in Far North Queensland highlighted the important role Footys4All has on the students following a recent visit.

“The donation of the ball on the last day of term not only ensured increased attendance on the day but also provided an active school holiday for the students.

“Traditionally last days of school terms are poorly attended in many schools and Yarrambah State School experiences the same attendance issue.

In an effort to increase student attendance the donated balls and books were given out to students at the end of the last day of term one. The previous year the student attendance rate on the last day of term was 31.3% compared to over 53% when the balls were distributed,” the Principal of Yarrabah State School said in a letter to Footys4All.

Sport, Education and Health are all part of the Footys4All program around Australia.

Ross Faulkner keeping up the supply for Footys4All

27th March 2017

Ross Faulkner, yes that is his name, has continued to support the Footys4All program through the supply of Aussie Rules football for distribution around Australia. The Ross Faulkner footballs are synonymous with Aussie Rules and are always very popular when distributed to the children, no matter where they are in Australia.

“We are very fortunate to have the support of Ross Faulkner and his support is far beyond the supply of the footballs. Ross has been a wonderful supporter through his contacts and his ongoing assistance in so many areas, including helping with the distribution of the balls at some of the remote locations”, said Footys4All Founder and Director, Michael Gallus.

The Ross Faulkner footballs are part of the balls distribution program that also includes other ball manufacturers including Gilbert (Rugby Union) and Steeden (Rugby League).

TNT getting the balls delivered

27th March 2017

It is one thing to have the balls supplied for the remote communities and underprivileged children but it is another to get the balls distributed – enter transport giant TNT.

TNT continues to support Footys4All through the distribution of the balls to all areas of Australia as needed through the program.

“TNT have been a wonderful supporter of the program. You can imagine the difficult task of getting the balls to so many places around Australia, to the places where they are needed most. Thanks to TNT we have been able to achieve this and continue to have a fantastic distribution network that supports the many volunteers we have,” said Michael Gallus, Founder and Director of Footys4All.

TNT is one of the key supporters of the program and Footys4All is always looking for support from organisations and individuals to help deliver the program around Australia.

New Website goes live

25th March 2019

Our new website has gone live