Mark Riches

  • Youth Ambassador for Basketball

Through my sport I have been given opportunities all my life to travel all over Australia and I am now fortunate enough to be living in The United States. I have already thoroughly enjoyed being an exchange student playing basketball Just like the privilege I have of being on the other side of the planet; I also find great honour in being a Youth Ambassador of Footy4All.  
I hope that, given the prospects I have, I could spread the work of Footys4all and give children greater opportunities and chances through sport both in the USA and in Indigenous Australia as well. Some of my best achievements in basketball have occurred due to me having access to a ball when I was young. I have been lucky enough to experience making the Western Australian state basketball teams, travelling around America playing high school basketball and hopefully going on to College basketball system in the future.


Mitchell Podhajski-Aberfeldie Football club

  • Youth Ambassador for AFL football

I've been involved in sports since I was 5 and have loved every second of every sport I've participated in. I can't imagine not having the benefits and opportunities sport has given me and Footys4All are making sure that no matter where kids come from, they have the same opportunities that I was fortunate to have access to. That's why I'm proud to be a part of Footys4All.


Mitchell is a talented AFL footballer and basketballer whose determination, professionalism and respect for all involved in the game demonstrates a maturity beyond his young years.