Pat McGorry

Sport is a great avenue for young people to improve their mental health and well-being and the cultural value of AFL is incredible as a grass roots indigenous experience for many Australians.  Ensuring that kids who are facing major challenges in life have a positive set of experiences with peers and caring and reliable adults is a crucial aspect of Footys4All and I would love to see it flourish across the whole of Australia.


David Vincent

Sport has been used around the world as a tool to foster change. Sport has the power to change people's lives in an incredible way. I have spent nearly 20 years in a refugee camp, despite all the hardship and difficulties I faced, playing soccer was the only activity that helped me to survive all those horrible years. The only problem was we never had enough sport equipment around. By supporting Footys4All, you are directly giving opportunities to thousands of children around the world by putting a lost smile back on their faces. Please support Footys4All and let's get new balls to the people who need them the most.